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How Frequently Should You Dry Clean Your Suits?

How Frequently Should You Dry Clean Your Suits
28 Nov
Posted by:  drycleansupercenter

How Frequently Should You Dry Clean Your Suits?

Suits are a real expression of one’s personality and social standing. An outfit, which is expertly made with delicate fabric yarns, is without a doubt an expensive item of apparel.

They add a modest elegance to any formal wear, from business to weddings. As a result, it is critical to take proper care of them.

When it comes to cleaning your suits, dry cleaning is essential since it not only cleans the material but also extends its life. However, there is a great deal of misunderstanding regarding when and how frequently suits should be dry cleaned. So here’s our guide to better understand this.

Keep An Eye Out For Stains

Allowing the stains to sit on your clothes is the worst thing you can do. The stain on your suit has already oxidized by the time you take it to the wash, making it more difficult to remove.

As a result, when you take your suit off at the end of the day, thoroughly inspect it to see if there are any stains that you may not have spotted previously. It’s quite easy to overlook incidental stains from coffee or food plates, especially in areas we don’t regularly notice, such as the underside of the elbows. As a responsible owner, you should always make sure that any big stains are removed as soon as possible.

The Dirt And Muck

Direct exposure to a significantly contaminated environment necessitates that you have your suit dry cleaned as soon as possible. Dust, if left alone, can damage the suit’s fibers and significantly shorten its lifespan. It makes it logical to address this issue. At the absolute least, get yourself a nice suit brush.

Brushing your suit after you take it off extends its life and reduces the need for a dry cleaner. Small strokes against the “grain” followed by delicate strokes along the grain to improve its luster also work wonders. This also offers you an idea of when the collected dust and other tiny particles are beyond repair. That is when you should put on your outfit.

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How Frequently Do You Wear Your Suits?

The frequency with which you wear your suit influences how frequently it has to be dry cleaned. If you only wear a wedding suit once or twice a year, it is a good idea to get it dry cleaned before the wedding season begins and then again after the season ends. If you wear suits to work every day, on the other hand, you’ll require a far more frequent schedule. Other elements to consider are the atmosphere in which you work and how much you sweat.
Though you have to wear your suit outside of an air-conditioned environment, chances are it has absorbed all of the sweat that travels through the shirt, even if you don’t feel hot or sweaty. Frequently putting on

Here are a few pointers to help you keep your suit looking good in between trips to the dry cleaners.

  • Change your suits. Wearing the same suit repeatedly will lead it to show signs of frequent wear after a time.
  • Before wearing, use a steam cleaner to eliminate wrinkles. Reduce the temperature of the steam to the lowest setting. This ensures that you constantly seem freshly pressed without incurring additional expenditures.
  • After wearing the suit, brush off any dirt or food particles that may have clung to it. Begin by working against the grain of the fabric with short, rapid strokes. Finish up with a second pass that corresponds to the nap.
  • Allow your suit to hang on a nice wood hanger for a day or two after wearing it. This allows the fabric to recover and drape out the majority of the creases between usage. To avoid wrinkles or weird forms in your suit, make sure all of the pockets are empty.
  • Put something over it. Use a textile cover that allows air to circulate through the suit while it is being kept.

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Considering all of these elements, you should dry clean your suits at least once every two months. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to have your suit dry-cleaned every 2-3 weeks by a professional dry cleaner in Oklahoma just like Dry Clean Super Center.

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