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How To Wash Your Dry Clean Cloths Only

09 Jun
Posted by:  drycleansupercenter

How To Wash Your Dry Clean Cloths Only

One thing is certain about your dry-clean-only apparel: Unless you are a particularly skilled bargain hunter, high-end apparel labeled dry cleaners in Midwest city or other parts of the United States only is expensive. When you invest your hard-earned money on a quality wardrobe, you expect and deserve clothing that looks great after a few washes. Can you, however, wash dry clean garments at home without ruining them? That depends on the situation.

You have undoubtedly seen that certain items are labeled for dry cleaning if you read your laundry symbols. It is true, a vast range of clothing, including simple things like T-shirts and trousers, is branded as “dry clean only.” This procedure is recommended by garment manufacturers to ensure that you get the greatest clean and the most usage out of your garments. However, you may prefer a less expensive and more easy cleaning choice. Here are some pointers to consider if you want to learn how to wash, dry clean only garments on your own.

How to Care for Dry-Clean-Only Clothes

  • ● Use cold water and a moderate wash detergent at all times.
  • ● The dry clean only item should be washed separately.
  • ● Wool, silk, and cotton clothing may be hand washed gently. However, do not wash suede, leather, fur, feathers, or other delicate textiles.
  • ● Fill a clean sink or basin with cold water and a little detergent.
  • ● If you have a washing machine, use the gentle cycle. Cotton, linen, and durable polyesters are firmer textiles that can normally be laundered in a machine with care.
  • ● Above everything, avoid using the dryer and excessive heat. In addition, while washing a knit clothing, lay it flat to dry to avoid stretching. If it is woven, though, hang it up to dry.
  • ● Make use of a home dry cleaning kit. There are several tried-and-true home dry cleaning kits on the market. For do-it-yourself laundry care, follow the directions on the box.

Home dry-cleaning kits

Dry cleaning is not dry. Essentially, dry cleaners immerse the item in a cleaning solution. Yes, most supermarket shops sell home dry-cleaning kits in the laundry department. The kits are not intended for large-scale cleaning. They are used to remove stains and refresh your clothes. The following is how to use a dry-cleaning kit:

Use the pre-treater included in the packaging to remove any stains. Place your garments, together with the cleaning solution cloth, in the cloth or mesh bag that came with the box. Turn on the dryer and dry for the time specified on the packaging. Remove from the dryer before the timer turns off to avoid wrinkles. Remove the contents of the bag and hang them up.

Pros of Do-It-Yourself Dry Cleaning

The following are examples of dry-cleaning kits:

  • ● Simple to use.
  • ● Leave your garments wrinkle-free and smelling good.
  • ● The stain remover is effective on water-based stains such as tea or coffee.
  • ● It is less expensive than dry cleaning.

Cons of Do-It-Yourself Dry Cleaning

  • ● Oil-based stains, ink, cosmetics, and sweat stains do not respond well to the stain pre-treatment.
  • ● If you try it and it does not work to remove the stain, it could work to set it. As a result, you may unintentionally make stains permanent.
  • ● You must pay attention and remove garments from the dryer as soon as possible.
  • ● Your clothes are wrinkle-free yet unpressed.
  • ● You will need to set aside additional time after washing them to iron them.

No matter how cautious you are, certain garments will always require dry cleaning. However, if you are doubtful, seek the advice of an experienced laundry specialist. Nice dresses, suits, or your favorite pair of jeans are not worth the risk of being ruined. If you are wondering how to wash dry clean only items, it is best to be safe than sorry. You can contact us at Dry Clean Super Center for special garments dry cleaners in Norman Oklahoma.

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