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Our Services

We don’t know you yet, but it’s always comforting to know that the person on the other side of the counter has prior expertise. They have been doing it for a long time, they understand the value of quality and convenience, and they take pleasure in making your life simpler. All of these and more can be found at Super Dry Clean Center locations in Oklahoma. We have been in this business for over 17 years. Our mission to start these cleaning services was to provide ease to people for hassle-free laundry and dry cleaning chores.

We make certain that we are employing the most up-to-date procedures and technologies to complete our work without causing any harm or receiving any customer complaints. Our customers’ loyalty and faith in our services are vital to us, and if we achieve all of this, we will have accomplished our mission. To keep doing what we’re doing for the people out there, we’ve created incredibly reasonable and easy-to-access plans for our services. Our services may also be tailored to our customers’ special needs, such as any garment that is not on our list. Simply come to one of our locations, and our staff will take care of all of your requirements

Dry Cleaning Services

Have you ever wondered what dry cleaning entails? Dry cleaning does not need the use of any water. Instead, it employs a liquid cleaning solution that aids in the removal of stains while causing no harm to the clothing being cleaned. Dry-washing your clothes keeps them clean while maintaining the fabric.

Dry Clean Super Center collaborates with a recognized and dependable dry cleaning services in Oklahoma providing high-quality services. Dry cleaning may be completed in the same amount of time as conventional washing. But the process is more intense and delicate than your usual washing. Use our dry cleaning services by simply dropping off your dry cleaning/dress shirts at Dry Clean Super Center.

Laundry Services

Dry Clean Super Center takes pride in providing excellent laundry services in Oklahoma. Bed and table linens, blankets, comforters, towels, t-shirts, dress shirts, and other apparel are all available. We closely monitor each stage of our procedure to ensure that your laundry looks wonderful before it is done. To guarantee that your clothing is properly washed, we check each item before washing them in a range of special detergents and fabric care solutions. The clothes must fulfill our stringent criteria at every stage of the washing procedure. Finally, our Dry Clean Super Center washing locations serve as a display for our renowned garment care. We attempt to establish a personal relationship with our clients and grin brightly because they can see, smell and touch professionally washed garments.

Household Items Cleaning

Everyone wants their home to be as clean and appealing as possible. People prefer to wash their quilts, comforters, and blankets in their washing machine or at a laundromat (because of larger machines). It’s a good idea to wash bedding regularly to keep it clean and free of dust mites, skin, and dirt. However, professional assistance is occasionally required to assist you with blanket dry cleaning and comforter dry cleaning services. Each item will be inspected by our expert team for indicators of deterioration that are frequent in bedroom furnishings. Furthermore, we are very interested in cleaning any cloth based on the care it requires, such as more delicate and light fabrics as pillow cleaning service or different linen or satin sheet laundry services. We utilize environmentally-friendly dry cleaning or laundry chemicals, so you may extend the life of your high-quality bedding and linens with the greatest care available.

Outwear Cleaning

Dry Clean Super Center also cleans sweaters, and furry outwear clothes. All fur garments are cleaned and mended in our climate-controlled facility. Because not all different types of outwear garments are comparable, each one may demand its individual and specific cleaning technique. Our outwear cleaning specialists choose the optimum cleaning method for each of your outwear garments. After we clean your outwear garments, we will return them to you feeling and looking great. Dry Clean Super Centers is honored to be one of the few Oklahoma outwear Cleaners with years of professional experience in cleaning all kinds of outwear and making them look new.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Being able to wear an ancestral wedding gown is a unique privilege for many women. However, these dresses may require particular care and color restoration before the event. Furthermore, some dresses must be cleaned after wedding photographs are shot to regain their luster for the big day or after the event in preserving your special dress.

The Dry Clean Super Center provides wedding dress dry cleaning services, We use the most upright solvent to avoid any harm to the fabric or color, we clean sweat and other stains with special dry clean solvent. Allowing us to assist you to your wedding dress cleaning services in Oklahoma and memories by providing helpful advice and care.

Special Services

Dry Clean Super Center is a highly unique and high-quality garment cleaner since we know how to clean the most delicate Couture/Special Garments. Fashion designers showcase new attire on the catwalk made of expensive materials such as fur trim, high-tech textiles, bejeweled tops, and an abundance of feathers. When one sees a new stunning line of apparel, one wonders how these incredibly delicate and exquisite garments are cleaned.

The fashion industry is always evolving, but the success of a legendary fashion brand is always on the lookout for something that the public would desire. Season after season and decade after decade, new fascinating and stunning excellent clothing to wear is introduced. We evaluate every special garment before beginning any cleaning process. To choose the appropriate cleaning method, we examine the fabric, stitching, embellishments, and stitching. Although processes and techniques vary, hand-cleaning all high-end textiles provide the highest care. The last post-inspection verifies that cleaning and care have been conducted appropriately.